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    [ANDROID] Listen Audiobook Player v3.1.1 .apk - ENG


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    [ANDROID] Listen Audiobook Player v3.1.1 .apk - ENG

    Messaggio Da PHOENIX il Sab Mar 01, 2014 4:17 pm

    Un comodissimo e potente lettore di audio books sul tuo Android !!
    An easy to use, powerful, and feature rich player for your audio books.
    • No advertisements. No in-app purchases to unlock features.
    • Folder based library automatically stays in sync with your audiobook folder. Each book should be placed in its own folder. Allows books to be organized within subfolders. Library will allow you to browse folders, or list of all books at once.
    • Plays mp3, m4b, m4a, wma and ogg files. (must be DRM free)
    • Variable playback speed (0.5 to 3.0x) support for mp3 files.
    • Built in sync support. You can synchronize current position and bookmarks to multiple devices.
    • Equalizer.
    • Cover art is added from embedded art, images in the book folder, or can be downloaded easily from within the app.
    • Bookmarks.
    • Position History.
    • Chapter search. Skip next/previous or jump to any file. This must be enabled in settings. Embedded chapters not currently supported.
    • Bluetooth play/pause/skip support.
    • Remembers last played volume for headset, Bluetooth, speaker, and sleep mode.
    • Home screen widgets.
    • Lock-screen control.
    • Play queue. Automatically starts the next book in the queue when the current book finishes.
    • Navigation drawer that can slide away when not needed.
    • Play/Pause from notification pull-down (Android 3.0+)
    • Sleep timer with shake to reset, set custom notification sounds, and a few unique options.
    • Fade sound options for sleep timer.
    • Auto rewind depending on paused time, customize rewind times to your liking.
    • Set custom short and long button skip times.
    • Set custom colors for progress bar.
    • Headset button play/pause support (double press to skip back).
    • Option to hide status bar notification when not playing.
    • Actively being developed, always more good stuff in the works!
    28 febbraio 2014
    Versione corrente
    È necessario Android
    Varia in base al dispositivo

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