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    [IPHONE] Rise Alarm Clock v3.0 ipa - iTA


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    [IPHONE] Rise Alarm Clock v3.0 ipa - iTA

    Messaggio Da PEGASUS il Dom Giu 09, 2013 2:10 pm

    [IPHONE] Rise Alarm Clock v3.0 ipa - iTA


    Featured App by Apple - Top Utility
    App - Featured in Mashable, Fast Co Design, Lifehacker, TUAW, Business
    Insider, The Loop, App Advice and many more
    Rise is a delightfully
    simple and unique alarm clock, for your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. With its
    refreshing and clever way to set time, Rise is one of the simplest
    alarm clocks you'll ever use.
    - It's easy to set: Just drag to pick a
    wake up time. - Turn the alarm on or off with a simple swipe or pull
    gesture. - Snooze or turn off the alarm from the lock screen with a
    shake (iPhone only).- Large clock mode in portrait and landscape for
    docked devices.- Beautiful large clock styles: Night mode / Skyscape /
    Transparent (Live camera).- Simple gestures to adjust preferences,
    snooze, volume, etc.- Wake up to one of the beautiful custom Rise
    melodies or your favorite song from iTunes. - You can repeat your alarm
    time daily (one alarm). - Make a playlist from iTunes to help you fall
    asleep, or listen to other audio in the background. - Set a timer for
    your Sleep Tunes playlist so it doesn't run all night.- Rise works with
    "Do Not Disturb" and the silence switch (with app in foreground and/or
    auto-locked).- View Rise in one of the languages below or switch it
    English easily with a setting.
    SupportWe pride ourselves on offering
    great support. If you have an issue or feature request, please contact
    us on Twitter (@simplebots) or through our site [Devi essere iscritto e connesso per vedere questo link]
    web di Kellen StylerSupporto per Rise Alarm ClockNovità nella versione
    3.0Added Features /******************************************
    - Now
    supports iOS 5!- Brand new alarm sounds to ease you into the day.-
    Beautiful new large clock styles: Night / Skyscape / Transparent (Live
    camera). Switch by a tap-hold when large clock is up.- New gesture
    interactions and UI for alarm set screen.- Tap above and below time to
    adjust time in set screen.- Access the large clock (current time)
    whether the alarm is on or off.- Dragging to set time shows countdown of
    hours to wake up.- Tap anywhere to snooze.- Support for audiobooks,
    podcasts, etc.- Disable auto-lock while showing large clock of current
    time.- New option that allows users to switch the language translation
    on or off.

    Updates / Bug fixes /******************************************
    Fine tuned many gestures and interactions.- Interface refinements and
    updated icons for visibility, throughout the app.- Updated large clock
    animations, opacity, text and icons.- Adjusted opacity for current time /
    range / clock / message / fades.- Added "Special Thanks" to settings.
    Those people rock!- Added piracy-protection. Fort Knox, suckas.-
    Adjusted large clock rotation on iPhone.- Optimized application
    performance and slimed application images.- Overall faster app loading.-
    Updated animations throughout app.- Add gesture hit padding for top /
    bottom of set screen.- Current time updates for better display when
    alarm dims.- Updated countdown time changes.- Adjusted progressive alarm
    start time and length.- Updated close buttons, so they are easier to
    hit.- Tried to feed Ryan Gosling some cereal… he won't eat it.- Fixed
    daylight savings issues and sped up time changing and dragging. - Fixed
    alarm snooze bug.- Fixed alarm start message bug.- Fixed main drag time
    top and bottom catch bug.- Fixed main time edge touch stops drag bug.-
    Fixed snooze from notification bug.- Fixed Sleep Tunes playlist bugs.-
    Fixed dim preview bugs.- Fixed time drag countdown start bugs.- Fixed
    bug for switching between translations and English.- Fixed 24-hour time
    bugs. Now shows correct time formats.- Got up on time.- Fixed large
    clock current time dim.- Squashed multiple UI bugs

    Download Link:

    [Devi essere iscritto e connesso per vedere questo link]

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