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    [IPHONE] National Geographic World Atlas v3.1 ipa - ENG


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    [IPHONE] National Geographic World Atlas v3.1 ipa - ENG

    Messaggio Da PEGASUS il Dom Giu 09, 2013 7:52 am

    [IPHONE] National Geographic World Atlas v3.1 ipa - ENG

    Geographic has taken its award-winning World Atlas and updated it
    completely for 2013 with a new look, improved functionality, and brand
    new features.
    ALL MAPS UPDATED• All National Geographic maps are in
    HD for retina-displays, giving you the best viewing experience
    possible. • New infographics enhance each country's Flags and Facts
    section.• Better measurement tools give you even more accuracy.
    FEATURES• Store your pins in the cloud and share them across devices.
    Plan a trip on your iPad, then use your customized map on your iPhone.•
    Add and customize collections of map pins• Get up-to-the-minute weather•
    Check the latest currency conversion rates, or use the currency
    calculator to convert from one currency to another• See latitude and
    longitude indications directly, with a tap of your finger.

    THE WORLD ATLASThe National Geographic World Atlas brings you the
    highest resolution images available, delivering the stunning detail,
    accuracy, and beauty National Geographic is known for.
    the world in any style you prefer: classic (blue ocean), antique,
    satellite, or road map style (provided by Bing maps).
    THE GLOBESpin,
    pan, and zoom in on the world with our interactive 3-D globe and
    seamless world map layers. Place pins to mark spots and save them for
    FLAGS AND FACTSGet up-to-date information on every country
    and capital city in the world, including socio-economic data,
    demographics, weather, and currency.
    **Due to a few crashing issues,
    please note that you should delete the previous version of the app by
    tap hold on the app icon, and hitting the X when it appears, prior to
    installing this version to minimize any problems with the app.
    **All maps, pins, and latitude-longitude coordinates are for reference-use only, and are not meant for navigational use.
    **Please Note: this app requires an initial network (cellular or wifi) connection to download maps for offline use later.
    Novità nella versione 3.1Please
    keep your comments coming to [Devi essere iscritto e connesso per vedere questo link]. We appreciate
    your feedback, and have incorporated some key items you have been
    - We've added tips and text to help instruct you in the
    use of key features such as the Measuring Tool, Pins, Map Library, and
    more!- Have implemented a single tap to exit the measuring tool. -
    Updated incorrect GDP data for Bolivia and Israel. - Addressed minor
    typo in Holidays for Cambodia.- Increased resolution of the globe
    locator graphic—no more fuzzy or blocky edges! - Inserted National
    Geographic Map Policy statements & updates throughout. - Updates to
    user reported text issues, typos, and visual elements.

    Download Link:

    [Devi essere iscritto e connesso per vedere questo link]
    [Devi essere iscritto e connesso per vedere questo link]
    [Devi essere iscritto e connesso per vedere questo link]

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